Borage Seed Oil For Better Health Today

Borage seed oil is derived from the seeds of the Borage plant, and is used today to treat a variety of medical conditions. It contains one of the highest amounts of Omega-6 (also known as gamma-linolenic acid) of all oils extracted from seeds, which is believed to be therapeutic to those suffering from a range of inflammatory and thrombotic conditions. The plant itself has been used in Europe for hundreds of years as a remedy, but has only recently begun to gain popularity amongst the Western world.

Benefits of borage seed oil

There are a number of benefits to Borage seed oil, one being thatborage seed oil borage seed oil can decrease the pain and inflammation that patients with rheumatoid arthritis may experience. It is also beneficial for those with blood pressure of blood clotting conditions.

Borage seed oil is even used as a supplement, due to its high concentration of fatty acids, and, if taken orally or rubbed into the skin, it can improve skin health and its overall healing ability.

Borage seed oil uses

Borage seed oil has many uses, as well as helping with weight loss, it has also been known to assist those with lupus, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

It encourages blood flow in those with impotence, and reduces the severity and frequency of hot flashes in menopausal women. In addition, borage seed oil can assist in cases of attention deficit disorder, respiratory conditions, eczema, and heart disease.


What makes borage seed oil so effective for many of its users?

The gamma-linolenic acid found in borage seed oil is what makes it so effective. Our bodies cannot naturally produce this chemical. Therefore, given the fact that Borage seed oil contains such high amounts of it, it is the obvious choice when it comes to choosing a method by which to obtain gamma-linolenic acid.


Research on borage seed oil

There are a number of studies that have been conducted to prove the effectiveness of borage seed oil on a variety of conditions. One such study conducted over a 12 week period, found that rheumatoid arthritis sufferers who took 1.1 gm of borage seed oil showed marked improvement. Another trial (conducted by a researcher LJ Leventhal) found that 37 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and active synovitis experienced a 28% decrease in swollen joints, when they took 1.4 gm of gamma-linolenic acid each day.


What to look for when buying borage seed oil

Borage seed oil should be taken in moderation, both in duration and amount, as it may contain elements which are somewhat damaging to the liver if taken in excess. Make sure that, when buying borage seed oil in capsule form, that the product does not contain too high of a concentration of the extract, and that it is hexane free.

Also, if you are planning on using it to benefit your skin, it may be more effective if purchased in liquid form. As is with any supplement, it’s best to consult with your doctor before use, and pregnant women should not use borage seed oil. In addition, if you are already on medications or have any pre-existing medical conditions, be sure to verify that borage seed oil is right for you.

Borage seed oil can benefit those that suffer from any one of more than 60 different medical ailments and conditions. If you feel that this all natural extract can help you, then you may want to look in to purchasing it from a reputable online merchant or health food store in your area.